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Do Souls Have Personality Traits Like Humans?

The Archangels Give Us Insight

I had a very interesting question from one of my long-time readers recently that prompted this article.  She explained that she is an introvert and wondered if her soul was also introverted.  It led to a very in-depth discussion with the Archangels about the differences between human personality traits and soul personality traits.


At first glance, I thought souls didn’t really have human personality traits, like being introverted or extroverted, but then I thought about the Archangels, and how I’ve gotten to see different personalities during our interviews and time together, and I wondered if perhaps there were similar traits with human beings.  All the Archangels are very loving, but some are more serious, more playful, more fun-loving than others, it seems.  So, I asked the Angels for their commentary, and their response follows.


Question:  Can we please discuss whether or not souls have personality traits, like humans, such as being introverted or extroverted?




Different kinds of souls have certain commonalities.  For example, there are souls like you, who were designed and created to work with Angels.  One name for these souls is angelic souls.  You exemplify such souls as can be seen in traits such as being very loving toward others, sympathetic, empathetic, understanding, helpful, comforting, and caring.  These are qualities common to your soul type.  This is not to say other soul types do not share these traits or that people of this soul type cannot live a life without these qualities, but these are common and natural to this soul type.


Being common and feeling natural is an important consideration.  Are there angelic souls who are hateful and cruel?  While this is possible, that kind of unnatural behavior is usually due to outside influences or specified in a life plan for higher purposes.  It is not a natural or common occurrence, and to live a life so different from the soul’s nature is difficult on both a human and a soul level.  It is not a natural occurrence.  So, soul types naturally tend to lean toward purpose, design, and life plan.


It is also helpful to keep in mind that human and soul traits differ.  Human personality traits usually revolve around emotions, whereas soul traits are more attuned to purpose.  Humans often do not know or understand purpose, therefore they are more easily influenced by emotions triggered in a given situation.  Souls are mindful of purpose and seek to evolve and learn through living a physical life.  They plan lives in a way that helps them learn important lessons and grow spiritually, whereas humans plan their lives in a way that helps them experience certain things physically and mentally/emotionally more often than spiritually.  Priorities often differ.  Ideally and for the best all-around experiences during a lifetime, it is most beneficial for the soul and human to work together to experience the best a life can offer.  This is beginning to become more common.


Another facet to consider is universal knowledge, which can nullify as well as clarify emotions and experiences, which is why most humans lose their universal knowledge or have limits upon it while living a physical life, or they would not be as fully able to experience life as deeply.  If the human understood everything the soul understands, it would be nearly impossible to experience such emotions as fear, anger, jealousy, etc., even in dimensions which allow for such things. 


When you have full knowledge as well as being aware of the universal connection shared by all of creation, it changes your outlook and perspective on everything.  Since most humans do not have these things in their entirety in most cases, other emotionally-based human traits enter the picture.  Because of this, along with environment and circumstances, the nature of souls is often overtaken and reshaped as experienced by the human. 


For example, depending on spiritual levels, souls are not usually emotionally driven.  Using the question posed by your reader, while humans may be more intro- or extroverted, souls are not, because they are more knowledgeable and aware of universal life.  While humans may feel inferior, unsure, unaccepted, judged, disliked, or misunderstood, souls suffer from none of these concerns, because they understand and are understood based on universal concepts.


Souls do not have to worry about those things.  While souls are at different levels of spiritual development, they are all under universal laws that are very uniform.  Therefore, such things as being intro- or extroverted, confident or unsure, popular or unpopular are not present.  Souls know they are loved unconditionally, they know they are worthy, and they have no fear due to universal laws and knowledge.


Souls are usually part of groups that plan lives together many times, but they are not limited to these groups and often work with others, including other souls, Ascended Masters, Angels, and high Guides to align things they need for their next incarnation.  Some might consider soul groups as work groups or family groups, since they often incarnate into the same families.  Souls often have special interests and tasks to perform in between incarnations, which is another area that brings them together.  They also have the equivalent to classes and training to prepare them for incarnations.  No one is off limits or barred from working with or learning from others.  There is no worry about how someone will be received or whether or not they are welcome, so there is little reticence about whether one should approach another.


Human personality traits such as possessiveness, shyness, competitiveness, hostility, insecurity, etc. do not remain with the soul after human death and once universal knowledge is restored, but other traits such as playfulness, seriousness, curiosity, and the need to comfort others can indeed be found.  There are souls who are more joyful than others, more cautious, more curious, more optimistic, etc. as well as more active and avid for spiritual growth and experience.  So, there is individuality among souls, but it is not negative in nature of excluding of others.


We send you all Love and Light.


Final Thoughts


I’ve been told that I often act as a go-between among souls, helping them find resources and other souls who can help them in their next life.  It sounds like I’m as busy in the soul realms as I am on Earth!  Whether I’m here or there, it sounds like I enjoy helping others.  Although I didn’t always channel the Archangels, I did always feel a presence within me, who I relate to as God.  I asked the Angels once if it was indeed God or if it had been them or that divine spark they speak about, and their answer was that the source really wasn’t important.  The fact that this presence gave me hope and courage and mitigated fear and loss is what mattered.  I think as more of us experience a rise in consciousness, we become more aware of this presence and the connection we all share.


My reader asked specifically about whether or not her soul was introverted, like she was, and it would seem the answer to that is no.  It made me think about myself and how I was at one time very extroverted, but over the years, I’ve become more introverted.  I don’t know if that’s because I’m more sensitive to others’ energy or if I just prefer my own company, but I’ve definitely changed quite a bit over the years, especially since I began to channel.


I think as humans, we often suffer at the hands of others, whether intended or not, and things we’ve experienced lead to a lot of our behavior and personality traits.  People, society, the world often try to limit us, and we buy into a lot of that and limit ourselves without realizing it.  That shapes a lot of our personality traits also, I think, and not necessarily in a good way. 


Inviting our soul to be a more important, present part of our human life helps us to open to a lot of the potential we have and gives us more courage to be who we want to be.  Personality traits are not set in stone.  Limits are not permanent or even present if we don’t buy into them, and we can become more if and when we’re ready.  Our soul can help us to discover more about ourselves and everything else.  What are terms like introverts and extroverts other than just more labels?  We can define ourselves, rather than relying on what others decide we are or should be.


Blessings, all.


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