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A Message from Mother Mary on Good Friday


A lot of people think Mary, the mother of Yeshua (Jesus) is a Catholic item, but that’s not true.  I sought Mary out before I was Catholic, and I’m still going to her now that I’m no longer Catholic.  I usually channel her when I need soothing and comfort.  This is the first time I’ve ever channeled her when I asked for a message to share with others.  Usually, it’s just between the two of us, but she’s so loving toward everyone, I thought you might like to hear from her, too.


Question:  Mother, what would you like to tell people, whether in regards to Easter or anything else?  I will share it with my readers and followers.




I address all of humanity when I say you are deeply and unconditionally loved by our Creator, by the Angels, by me, my Son, all the Ascended Masters, all of creation, and the universe in its entirety.  We are all connected to each other.  Let this knowledge lighten the many burdens you carry.  There are so many who wish to help you with your struggles, and you are never alone.


Even better, you are beginning to help ease each other’s burdens.  I know we in the high realms seem very far away to many of you, but look around.  You have each other!  You have us, too, but many of you cannot feel us yet.  Just look around and reach out, and you can see and feel each other.  Share your burdens and help each other. 


Sometimes the world appears to be so bleak, but in truth, the light in the world is beginning to become brighter.  If this were not true, the world’s troubles would not be so bothersome for so many of you.  The sadness and mistreatment of others bothers you as much as it does, because it is becoming intolerable and no longer belongs on Earth.  The very fact that the suffering of others pains you is proof that things will get better.  You are seeing and distressing over current events, because the people and behavior behind them no longer belong here, at least not unless changes are made that they can embrace.


The time is coming when mankind will no longer allow terrible actions to go unheeded.  People will unite not in war, but in peace, to the extent that war will find no sustaining air to breathe.  Those who would support war will one day be unable to find a place to rest or in which to take refuge.  They will become outcasts without support or power to further themselves or their desires.  People like this will have to retreat and will not be tolerated.


You can make this happen.  Do not choose sides in a conflict.  Choose to not participate in it or support either side.  Support the victims, not the persecutors, for persecutors are not worthy of your support, no matter what side they proclaim to be in the right. 


Do not choose fear, choose hope.  Hope is accessible when you realize you can contribute to it.  There is no peace, love, or joy when you add to the fears of others.  Instead, allow people to see and help them believe in hope.


Do not face anger with more anger.  Instead, greet anger with compassion.  See how the anger affects the person who carries it, and vow not to add to it or allow it to taint you and your peace.  Offer your compassion, and if it is thrown back at you, gather it up and save it for another day when it might be accepted.  Do not let someone else’s anger become your own.


Seek and find abundant joy, and share it with others.  Create it.  Maintain it.  Show and teach others to do the same.  When you feel joy, you starve fear and frustration until they are non-existent.  If you are unhappy in your life, it is time to make some changes.  Look around you and find the happy people.  Study them and learn from them.  You will find that happy people are giving people who are willing to help you find your own happiness.


This wisdom I share with you comes from my heart, because I love you so deeply.  I greet you with hope, joy, and love.  Let us all work together to bring these things, along with peace, into the world and watch as the light in the world becomes brighter and brighter.  Participate in the light and leave the darkness behind.  When you choose to live in the light, you make the world brighter and more accessible to others.  Hold each other and pull each other into the light.  I will meet you there, as will so many more keepers of light.  We will help the light you generate grow and spread until no more darkness can be easily seen.  This will become your world.  So many of us stand with you.  Stand with and for each other, as we do.


I send you so much love, profound in its strength and purity.  Use it to overcome your challenges and lighten your burdens.  You are never alone.


Final Thoughts


When I was Catholic, I used to go to the Stations of the Cross every Good Friday.  If you’re not familiar with it, it takes you through what happened to Yeshua through the crucifixion, and it includes remembering the agony of not only Him, but also His mother.  As a mother myself, it hurt me to think of the pain she must have suffered.  I cried every time.


I wondered what she would say, wondered if she would bring up the Easter holiday.  I’m not really surprised she was more concerned with the present, rather than the past.  She didn’t dwell on religious issues.  Instead, she offered us comfort and guidance and love.  We can sure use it, can’t we?


If you know anything about the many apparitions Mary is known for, you can see that she appeared to the people who saw her in a way they could best relate to, appearing, speaking, and acting in a way they could understand.  In European countries, she appeared with light skin, light hair, and when she appeared in Mexico as Our Lady of Guadalupe, she appeared with dark skin and hair.  Obviously, she has no racial or religious hang ups!


The Catholic church makes rulings on her appearances, and it takes years of research to decide if they will give the appearance a rating of “Worthy of Belief.”  They don’t come out and say yes, she was here, just that it’s okay to believe she came to see us, as far as the church is concerned.  I believe in those appearances, have read about them and studied them, and I can see no reason for any subterfuge on the parts of those who have seen her.  There are miraculous happenings at some of the sites, and I think she still comes and helps us any way she can.


If you’re feeling in need of comfort or seek love and acceptance, you can go to Her.  You can pray the rosary or just talk to her.  It doesn’t matter who you are, your background, the choices you’ve made; she loves you, no matter what.  Like the Angels, she’ll hear you, and she’ll come to you and try to help, as will her Son, even after all this time and despite the experiences they reportedly suffered on Earth.


I hope you have a peaceful weekend.  Blessings, all.


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