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Submit a Question to the Angels

Guidelines for Asking the Archangels Questions


The Archangels have been great about answering nearly every question I’ve asked them, but there are a few categories they steer clear of, and I’ve listed them below.


1) The Angels do not share personal information about others. First of all, they guard our privacy. Secondly, they like for us to figure things out for ourselves. They won’t answer questions about what your purpose in life is, because they want you to discover it for yourself. They won’t give personal information about someone else, and they won’t give information about your life plan.

2) They won’t discuss the future except in very broad terms. They give two reasons for this. First, the future is never set in stone, and second, even though we sometimes think we want to know the future, once we know it, we often wish we didn’t.

3) They won’t address any questions that could put me in danger, such as government secrets, whether or not someone committed a crime, etc.

4) Lastly, they won’t give any information that isn’t in your best interest or the greatest good.


So, sorry, but no lotto numbers, revealing who is out to get you, or if your spouse has been unfaithful. No criticism of you or others, no answering who was behind someone's murder, or telling you what you should do with your life. These are things we either don’t need to know, or it would be more rewarding if we figured it out for ourselves.


Other than that, ask away!

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