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Archangel Raphael

Conversation with Archangel Raphael

Raphael is dear to my heart for a couple of reasons.  First, he is known for healing, and being a Reiki master, that is significant.  Also, he was one of the two Archangels I first called on to gently move my body during meditation, so I'd know they were there, with me, and that I was on the right track.  

Raphael is so patient and generous.  With the holidays and life as usual, it took me a while to finish the interview, and I felt bad that I was keeping him waiting, but he was very gracious and understanding, and his enthusiasm about spending time with me and answering my questions never waned.  He's great!

Jodie:  Raphael, are you there?


Raphael:  I am indeed, my friend.  I have very much looked forward to this time together, and I have prepared my opening statement.


I am well-known among the Archangels where people are concerned, because I followed Michael’s creation, making me the second Archangel, and Gabriel was the third.  After that, the Archangels were created in small groups at the same time.  As the others have said, we all have similar gifts and powers, but we often have our embraced specializations. Mine is healing.  I am the one who called you to study Reiki.  I made sure you had awareness, access, and I placed the reminders in your thoughts to pursue, including this last time that led you to become a master practitioner.  Reiki is part of your life plan, because we all knew, including your soul, that it would lead you to us and to channeling, which is also part of your life plan.


I bless your daughter for becoming a nurse, and I often guide her when needed.  She is a blessing not only to you and to me, but to so many who she has helped.  Please tell her to call on me at any time for guidance or comfort.


I am often a guide for healers of all kinds, including Reiki healers, shamens, nurses, doctors, and many others in the medical field.  Although there are times when I lessen pain and other symptoms, and even help heal people, it is also very common for me to guide others who administer treatment.  Sometimes this is at the person's request, healer or patient, other times I assist with a life plan goal, and other times I act independently.


What I wish to say is, if I could, I would love to heal everybody, but there are many times, especially with life threatening or terminal illnesses or injuries when I cannot intervene due to the life plan in place.


I know it is difficult to accept or understand, but sometimes souls plan for these things in order to learn something or help someone else learn something.  None of us can override a life plan without agreement from all souls involved and clearance to do so from an Ascended Master or the Creator of All.


What I can do is offer strength, comfort, and peace if you allow it, and if it does not interfere with your spiritual growth, I can lesson your suffering.  Please know that I am often nearby those who are ill or hurt, and I help any way I can.  For those whose lives end due to illness and especially by sudden death, such as an accident or act of violence, I often greet the soul as it crosses over to come back home, so I can help clear up any confusion.  Sometimes, when death catches someone unaware, they do not realize they have died, and they do not know where they are or how to proceed.  Eventually, they usually figure it out, but I sometimes help speed up that process.


Now, you may proceed with any questions you have, and I will happily answer them.


Jodie:  Raphael, can you talk about and explain near death experiences, please?  There are many reports, records, and accounts of people who died and were brought back to life.  Many are similar, and most report a pleasant experience.  Can you comment on this?


Raphael:  Near death experiences often happen, but not all are remembered.  Everyone who dies, even if they are revived afterwards, experiences the soul and consciousness leaving the physical body.  There is a physical death, but the soul and consciousness are eternal.  Whether or not someone remembers the experience depends on the cause of death, the life plan, and the jolt they experience when the soul returns to the body.


When the soul leaves the body, all pain ceases, but the consciousness continues.  Many remember looking down and seeing their dead bodies as they exit.  They can see the entire room or area and all the people and things surrounding them.  As I mentioned, if the death is sudden and unexpected, sometimes there is confusion, and I or other high Guides, Angels, or deceased relatives greet them and explain and guide them.  


Many times, NDE’s are due to a designated exit point when the soul evaluates the current life and has the option to leave the lifetime, that is to die, or to continue and return to the body.  Everyone has several possible exit points in the life plan, although an NDE is not necessary all the time in order to choose to stay or leave.  Often the soul and its Guides and Guardians can make that decision without the human ever knowing as life continues.


Being physically dead is never painful, but if the human being has been taught to fear death, judgment, condemnation, or punishment, their consciousness holds these memories, and if they have not yet completely crossed over and regained their universal knowledge and the memories of all their lifetimes, they are sometimes afraid when they realize they died. These are usually the souls who wander for a while until someone is able to explain that their fears are not warranted


Sometimes, they are soothed by Guides, Guardians, and Angels, other physically deceased souls, or someone who is still living on Earth who has the psychic gift of communicating with the dead, such as a medium.  Once they cross over, and eventually they do, their memories and knowledge return, and they know there is nothing to fear.  If someone has a fearful NDE, it is usually because of human fears they learned.  Again, the consciousness survives physical death, so fear, persists initially.


Jodie:  Other than choosing whether to stay or leave at an exit point, do souls have a choice to stay or go otherwise?  For instance, can they choose to exit and return to the soul realms at any time?


Raphael:  Regarding NDE’s, if the death is not part of the current life plan, the soul can choose the outcome if they are faced with life or death.  Some choose to crossover, because they are at peace and wish to stay, and others wish to continue living, because they wish to stay with loved ones or because they have left important things unfinished.  


Their Guides, Guardians, deceased souls of people they knew, Angels, Ascended Masters, and the Creator may offer guidance and reasons for them to return to their physical body, usually because they can see major disruptions in that person’s life plan or others attached to it, but the decision is up to the soul in the end.  I will add, however that if there are major repercussions that will occur, most souls choose to return to Earth, and their Guides try to lead them in that direction.  This does not happen very often, because Guardians are very determined to keep their humans safe.  It is more likely to result from a suicide attempt or act of violence than an accident.


If the opportunity of death does not arrive, the soul usually does not decide to leave early, although that option is available.  In rare cases, the soul becomes so weary of their human life, they choose to leave, but this is very disruptive to not only the soul who wants to exit, but to many others who will be affected by that decision, so it is avoided in most cases.  If a soul chooses to leave a lifetime early, it is usually when a life plan has not been followed due to the human’s free will, and the souls involved have already been adversely affected because of it.  When that happens, the choice to leave usually affects the soul in question with very few further effects to others.  


Jodie:  Raphael, you mentioned suicide.  I’ve already been told that there is no punishment for committing suicide, but is there anything you can add?


Raphael:  Although suicide is always a tragedy for everyone involved, the greatest tragedy belongs to the soul who ended the life.  The souls of the humans who do this are always regretful, because whatever lessons and growth they had hoped to gain were cut short, and those opportunities are lost.  There is no penalty for this, however those lost lessons must still be learned and planned for a future lifetime.  Most souls are of the opinion that they want to learn and grow as much as possible during each life, and when a life is cut short, they are greatly disappointed, and they also see the pain and reactions their suicide brought to others, which is usually very sad.


It is possible a suicide is part of the life plan, but this is not very common.  Souls must wait their turn to come back to Earth for another lifetime, and an early exit caused them to lose time they could have used to learn and grow.  They always have another opportunity, but it may not come as quickly as they would like.


Jodie:  You said we have to take turns coming to Earth.  Can you explain that more?


Raphael:  Earth is a very sought after place for many souls, of Earth origin and many other origins, because it is so conducive to spiritual growth and learning.  Many of the emotions and reactions available to experience on Earth are not available in higher realms and dimensions, and of the places where these things can be known, Earth is one of the more appealing choices, because as many things that can go wrong, there are also many things that can balance the hardships one faces.


Generally speaking, Earth souls get first consideration, as it is their place of origin, that is, they were specifically created to begin life on that planet.  Many times, however, souls from other origins who are at a higher level of consciousness volunteer to incarnate on Earth in order to help the Earth and her people to evolve more quickly and effectively.  Angelic souls, such as you, go to the front of the waiting list, because you only incarnate on Earth when you are greatly needed, and your purpose is targeted to help mankind, also, especially during difficult times.


In short, there are more souls who want to incarnate on Earth than there is space and resources for human beings.  As you have concluded, there is a kind of revolving door. As people die on Earth, souls incarnate again to live a human life.  Basically, those who are motivated more by self-growth to return have a longer wait than those who are motivated to incarnate for the sake of mankind, not that either reason is unworthy, but the greater good is a consideration.


Jodie:  Raphael, I know souls nearly always want to return for another lifetime, yet so many human beings say they do not ever want to come back for another lifetime.  What contributes to such a discrepancy?


Raphael:  This is a very good question and one I will try to answer in a way people can understand. However, please understand this is difficult, because it is as if a person is trying to win at solitaire without a full deck of cards.  Without universal knowledge and the ability to remember and understand the universal experience, along with the difficulties of this lifetime being fresh in the mind, humans understandably struggle with this idea.


Souls remember all of history during all lifetimes.  They see and compare difficulties and changes they’ve experienced.  They are also in charge of planning each lifetime, and they can choose how much and how little hardship they face.  Souls, do not plan lifetimes with recreation in mind, although some pleasurable events are included.  They incarnate for person, spiritual growth, true, but they also wish to help the planet, the people on it, and the universe as a whole.  There is great Love – not just emotional love, but elemental, divine love – included in all decisions for a life plan.  As powerful as emotional love can be, there is no comparison to elemental Love; it is part of the each soul, and the most important part.


When there is a human death, the soul returns to the soul realms and reviews its recent life.  When it sees the impact the life made, good and bad, the need to grow and to serve others renews.  Think of a time you knew your actions led to something vitally important to someone else.  If the impact made a positive impact, it usually makes the person feel good about what they did.  If it had a negative impact, the result for the one responsible is often negative, as well.  


For souls conducting a life review, they not only see the impact they had on those directly affected by their actions, but they are privy to all the ripple effects, and they see how they affected everyone and everything connected to it.  They are profoundly grateful when their actions lead to good things and equally regretful when the results were negative, and both outcome results occur in all lifetimes.


This is a learning process for souls.  They grow spiritually from it all, and they almost always wish to continue that growth even if the hardship experienced was great, especially because they can plan the next life to be easier if they wish, and they decide how much time they require before returning.  


Consider, also, that the source of many hardships experienced often are negated by the time they reincarnate.  For example, if a soul experienced a terminal illness in the last lifetime, by the time they return, it may not be an issue anymore due to medical treatments discovered, etc., so they know that does not have to be an issue they deal with, not to mention, whatever lessons conquered in previous lifetimes do not ever have to be reconquered, so they know they do not have to live through those lessons again.  As each soul grows spiritually, the need to grow and serve others increases, also.  They consider the good contributed while physically alive and wish to continue.


There are also advances each lifetime.  Consider how much easier it is today to travel, for example, compared to the nineteenth century, or to garner a more worldly view of things today as compared to even thirty years ago.  It is very attractive to souls to return to the world when they see how favorable changes have taken place and make life easier in so many ways.


So, it is multi-faceted why most souls return for many lifetimes.  They remember the hardships they experienced, and if they need to, they plan an easier lifetime, still full of learning and serving opportunities, but more tolerable, and they balance the pros and cons in a way that works for them, as well as others.


Jodie:  Will there be a time when there is no major illness for people to get?  Will we live llonger?


Raphael:  If this ever happens, it will not be long-lasting, because just as the world changes, so then do the risks of illnesses.  New diseases will arise, even as older illnesses are cured.  Also, as advances are made, there are usually drawbacks attached to them. Going back to the ease of transportation these days, the convenience led to new diseases and health problems due to toxins, along with the technology that affected air and water quality, and also led to many health problems.  Another example is the rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyles.  People did not have a choice but to exercise their bodies long ago, because their survival depended on it, whereas these days, not only can many attain whatever they need from various marketplaces, but they can even have it delivered to their doors!  


There is only so much people can do to prolong the human life, because it was never intended to be permanent.  The soul is permanent, rather than the body.  So, many people fear death, because they cannot grasp that it is only the final step in a single lifetime. The cycle continues and repeats.  People are often taught to fear human death, but there is no need.  No judgment or punishment awaits you when you cross over and return home, only celebration and homecoming.  If you remembered the process you would not fear it.

Jodie:  Do you anticipate a time when human beings reincarnate on Earth with their universal knowledge intact?  


Raphael:  It is not likely that there will come time when everyone on Earth will have universal knowledge at once, but there will likely be an increase in the number of people who incarnate with full or partial knowledge, compared to the people of today.  With The Shift in full swing, more and more people are remembering more of their universal knowledge than anytime since The Fall, as they awaken to 5D energy.


There is already a huge increase in people becoming more aware of their intuition and feeling their heart power. Also, channeling Guides is becoming more common and psychic gifts are emerging.  Spiritual awakening, lightworkers, channeling, psychic gifts and other such terms are becoming more common, although the meaning of these ideas varies greatly.  Still, more and more people are open to these things.  The shift to 5D is changing everything.


Jodie:  Raphael, the Archangels have said for some time that 5D energy triggers a lot of memories of past trauma, so it can be healed.  Can you please elaborate on this?


Raphael:  This is an important question, dear friend, as many people on Earth continue to struggle with this.  We have assisted you in writing about it several times but I will gladly review the information, because it is important and helpful to many.


Trauma comes in many forms.  Sometimes there is violence or neglect, and other times there is shock, anger, fear, or any number of other emotions.  All trauma and all emotions carry energy, and energy affects all people in various ways, not only through vibration, but most particularly, in the combination of vibrations.  The reason so many people are revisiting past trauma and becoming aware of it again is largely due to the blending, or more specifically, the difficulty of the blending and combining of 5D energy with 3D energy left over from trauma experienced in the past.  3D and 5D energies are like oil and water; they do not blend sustainably long term. 


People who have not dealt with the emotional energy tied to trauma are experiencing a clash of energy between it and the higher vibrational energy of 5D.  Whereas before, it could be buried amidst the surrounding 3D energy, it can no longer be hidden away now that Earth is in 5D.  People must allow it to surface – it will surface with or without your permission – and process those emotions before they can set them aside.


Many people are understandably fearful and reticent to do this, but is it necessary, so they can balance their energy and be comfortable in the 5D setting.  There are no wrong feelings.  If you are angry, afraid, resentful, jealous, or anything else, you are entitled to those feelings.  Allow yourself to feel them, so you can put them away, in the past, where they belong.


Trauma can be managed, but it is never completely gone and can be triggered by any number of things, but if you allow yourself to feel and process the emotions attached to it, you can manage it in a way that returns and maintains your peace of mind.  I will add here that, while forgiveness of those responsible for causing trauma is often helpful, it is not a necessity during this lifetime and is sometimes not achievable.  That is alright. Eventually, your soul will return home and set everything to order, and all will be understood.  There is nothing wrong with waiting for that time to forgive, as long as you find other ways to regain and maintain peace of mind.


As we have said many times, healing yourself should be the priority, however that looks for the individual.  Accepting that something terrible happened to you does not mean you must excuse it, and you will never likely forget it, but you can make peace with it and recover. This is extremely important now, because you will be unable to bury it anymore. In preparation for this energetic transition on Earth, there is an abundance of healing energy available on Earth right now.  If you are unable to access it on your own, ask the Archangels for help, and we will assist you.


Jodie:  Raphael, in addition to personal trauma, I think many of us suffer from societal, religious, and world trauma in general.  As we awaken more, I think we are more sensitive to so much unrest and tragedy around us.  What can we do to deal with all the chaos around us?


Raphael:  The key to getting through all of this stress is self-care.  Your readers should know you are tempted to roll your eyes, because we have told you this so many times and you feel like a broken record when you write about it now.  I say this with a figurative smile, my friend, but if everyone took this advice as seriously as you do – after hearing it so many times! – we would still repeat it, because it is absolutely crucial in order to get through the next few years.  You must be very self-aware, very self-analytical, and very self-serving if you are to maintain your health and balance during this rocky transition.  


If you are fearful, find something that will instill hope.  If you are stressed, find ways to bring more joy into your life.  If you do not make yourself your priority, your struggle will become very hard to bear.  Do yourself a favor and follow this advice.


The general trauma you speak of will be felt more and more keenly as people awaken, because the true human nature is arising, steeped in love for each other.  As you see people suffer, you also will suffer more, because you will become more aware of others’ suffering.  If you do not seek and find joy regularly, it will overwhelm you.  Limit your time spent getting information on the many tragedies occurring in the world, and indulge yourself in whatever you need to bring in more joy.  You already know there are terrible things happening in the world, and you do not need to further immerse yourself in them.  Help where and how you can, but do not neglect self-care.


Jodie:  Thank you, Raphael, for all the information, insight, and guidance you’ve shared with us.  Do you have anything else you would like to add before we finish?


Raphael:  I wish to add again the basis for everything we Archangels do on behalf of mankind lies in the unconditional love we have for all of you.  There is nothing you could possibly do that would make us turn away from you.  Known for healing, you may always ask for my help for any reason, at any time, and I will come to you.  If for some reason I cannot heal you physically, I can ease your suffering in many other ways, and I wish to do so.  If you call me, I will hear you, and I will serve you with love and care.  Know this, and trust this.


I thank you, dear friend, for this precious time we have spent with each other and for serving us so well as our channel.  We send all of you Love and Light.­­

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