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Archangel Michael

The first time I called the Archangels by name and asked them to let me know they were with me by gently moving my body during meditation, I did not choose to call upon Michael, because he felt a bit intimidating to me, as he is usually portrayed with a big sword, ready to do battle. Instead, I called on Rafael, known for healing, since I’m a Reiki Master, and Uriel, a lesser known Archangel known for guiding us toward knowledge we need. I chose him, because he wasn’t as well-known as some of the others.

I didn’t call on Michael personally, until I asked him whether or not there were demons in the world and if so, did he fight to protect us from them. I’d asked the collective group before, and they’d told me there were no demons, but I kept hearing stories about possessions and exorcisms, and I couldn’t understand why there were such different ideas out there. He answered immediately and proceeded to explain at a deeper level why some people believed in the devil and demons and assured me that they did not exist.

He also told me that he was very glad I wasn’t afraid of him anymore, that we were very close, and that I was under all the Archangels’ protection, but specifically his. I found out later from Archangel Jophiel that the three of us hang out a lot together, that ‘she’ and I were less serious than the more stoic Michael, but that didn’t cause any divide between us. In fact, we very much enjoy being together for work and relaxation.

Our Conversation

Jodie:  Michael, are you there?


Michael: I am, dear friend.  I have been looking forward to speaking with you.  Let me begin by saying a few things I want to share with you and others, then you can ask me whatever questions you have, alright?


To you, personally, I wish to say that you are a true treasure to us, to me personally, and to so many on Earth.  The closeness you feel with me is returned, and it is because we often work and spend time together.  We very much enjoy each other’s company when you are in full soul form, and we often use each other as sounding boards to bounce ideas back and forth.  We love to collaborate.


Do not feel badly that you were once afraid of me.  When you have your soul memories again, you will see that intimidating is truly not the way you see me.  You are not afraid of me at all when you are fully yourself.  It was surprising, but understandable, considering the sword I am often seen holding is a symbol of battle, and you hate violence so much.


To set the record straight, while I am a protector of all human beings, I am not a warrior.  Archangels do not participate in wars and battles in terms of combat.  Not only is that energy foreign to us, but there is no one for us to fight!  As you know, there are no devils or demons.  We protect you from each other and from some other world entities at times, but we do not do battle.  We will stand between you and any source of danger if it is in your best interests, but we will not strike down any being, for there is no need.  We often put up some kind of obstacle or hindrance to prevent others from doing any harm to you, but it never includes any violent acts.

Through the ages, people have portrayed me as fierce and ready to do battle, and that is incorrect.  Yes, I am fierce when it comes to helping mankind and protecting people, but I do not use violence of any kind. Neither am I the head of the Archangels, as many believe.  We are a collective, and we do not have a hierarchy.  We work together, plan together, make decisions together.  No one gives orders, and no one is in charge.  I was the first Archangel to be created, and as such, I offered suggestions as the Creator designed and made the others, just as they did when the Creator continued to make more of us.

This is a very foreign concept for most of humanity.  That saying you have about there being too many cooks in the kitchen does not pertain to us.  Having no one in charge does not result in chaos where we live.  There is no ego involved or competition.  What there is, is a solemn vow and common goal to help mankind while they are on Earth.  With this in mind, we work together to help humanity, and all ideas on how to do that are shared and evaluated.  This is much easier for us than it is for humans, because we are all of like mind with common objectives.

As far as how many Archangels exist, it is unimportant, because of how time works where we are.  We never miss or run out of time, and we can be many places at one time, so in a sense there is no logical answer to offer you.  We can be in the past, present, and future, although that future may change at the time it becomes the present. I will share that there are 222 primary beings on our team with you, most of them Angels.  There are also others who come and go as needed, such as Mother Mary, Yeshua, and Fauna, your dragon guide companion.  In addition, you have two Guardian Angels who are always with you, Jara, a healer, and Jaspir, who work exclusively with you.  The rest on your team work with many, and we love you all.  There is no competition between souls for attention or love from us.  We all love each other equally and fully, but we do work with some souls before, during, and after a lifetime, and you are one of them. 

You are what many call an angelic soul, as you know.  Most angelic souls are very active between lives, working with so many others who are planning their lives, helping many humans on Earth, and teaching valuable lessons.  Because you are so ensconced in the higher realms, you do not often incarnate, certainly not as often as others.  Your work in the high realms is highly valued, and you are often needed there more than you are on Earth.  You like being in the high realms and prefer it to Earth, yet you always volunteer to incarnate when you are needed on Earth.  We respect and admire you for this.  You are well-loved in the high realms by all. Now, what questions would you like to ask me?


Jodie:  What are your special gifts, Michael?  When are you the Archangel we should call on? 


Michael: Whereas we all have special gifts, you can call on any of us at any time for any reason.  If a particular gift is needed, and someone is especially strong in it, if we do not have what you need, we know who does and will work with them as needed.  Having said that, I am especially gifted with protection, and I am an expert in humanity’s ways.  Through the years, as I was the first Archangel to be created, I know the most about humans, because I was the first to know you.  The others have access to all human history, individual and collective, but I have witnessed everything first-hand.  This enables me to know all dialects, languages, and the vernacular quite well.

I am also gifted with the ability to anticipate human reactions, although that gift is changing, as the individual and collective consciousness changes.  I am also intensely loyal and protective.  It is good that you trust me to keep you safe, as I am ever vigilant in that duty.


Jodie:  What advice can you offer us to help us through this lifetime?


Michael: Remember that life is ever changing.  It does not stay the same for anyone, regardless of whether or not you want it to stay the same.  Everyone struggles in life without exception.  It is part of the human experience.  It is as you have said many times, dear friend, hard times never last forever, and neither do good times.  Each thing that you experience, good and bad, provides a lesson to be learned, so take the time to review and reevaluate your life often.  Learn as much as possible.


Jodie:  What advice can you give us to get through The Shift?


Michael: Know and be true to yourself.  Self-analyze what you are feeling and intervene as soon as you feel negative feelings, rather than waiting until you break down.  Observe what emotions you are feeling and try to place their origins.  Make joy and kindness to yourself your medicine.  Lastly, remember this chaos on Earth that is unfolding is temporary, and it will eventually lead to a better life.


Jodie:  Do you like being an Archangel?


Michael: I love being an Archangel, because I love mankind.  In fact, I love all that has been created, but I spend most of my time trying to make human lifetimes better and easier, assuming that is in one’s best interest.


As far as being the first, to have life is a blessing and I enjoyed seeing, meeting, and interacting with the rest of creation.  It has always been a grand adventure.  Archangels are created as completed, with universal knowledge and fully developed gifts and powers.  In other words, we are not born as babies who grow into adulthood, as it is for humans. 


I was the first of my kind, so in a sense, I was a new experiment.  Created in the high realms, I felt that universal connection all souls and creation share from the start, so I felt part of the whole.  Having said that, I was glad when more Archangels were created, so we could work together.


After I was created and began to experience things, I became more aware of gifts that would enable us to interact more easily and effectively with human beings.  For example, Angels are not corporeal.  We are concentrated, high vibrational energy with consciousness.  However, it became clear that humans needed at least a seemingly physical apparition with which to interact, so my first suggestion to the Creator was to make a physical appearance possible. And so, we can now do so.  As more gifts were added to the newly created Archangels, those of us already created got an upgrade, so to speak, to include the new, additional adjustments.


We all have the same abilities, but we all specialize in certain areas, because they are very meaningful for us.  My specializations are protection and strategy when planning human lives and when humans are living on Earth.  When a soul is planning their next life and targeting the life lessons they wish to learn, I and others, including you, help with the planning, so the lessons have a good change to arise and be learned.


I also can think of many ways to protect people that do not include violence but are highly effective.  I have put many of these strategies to serve in the Ukraine recently.  This is tricky at times.  It can involve the weather, thoughts, dreams, and objects along with the help of Angels, entities from other worlds, and souls.  To protect someone without causing harm to aggressors is challenging.  Being an effective Archangel is challenging but very rewarding, and I would not wish to do anything other than what I do as an Archangel.


Jodie:  Are there times when you get frustrated or disappointed with human beings?


Michael: It is more likely I would get frustrated with myself for not anticipating an action of someone.  We do not live as humankind lives, in a physical body, in a lower dimension, and therefore, we do not experience the emotional tumult with which you sometimes deal.  However, we can usually anticipate responses and have contingency plans in place should a person begin to stray too far from the life plan.  This is important in terms of the greatest good for everyone, so when we are not well prepared for a reaction or action, it can seriously interfere with the life plan, and we have to work with all the souls and Guides affected, so we can hopefully get things back on track.  At these times, I sometimes get aggravated that we were not adequately prepared to address the situation.  It is always a learning experience for us and for the souls and people involved, but like humans, we prefer things to run smoothly. 


As far as disappointment goes, I sometimes wish people would learn faster and be more open to change, and that is improving greatly in the fifth dimension, but we know you so well, we are used to your practices and habits, and we love you.  The only frustration and disappointment I feel is watching you continue to suffer until you further evolve.  It is always difficult when those we love suffer, even though we know it is an opportunity to grow and learn, so you do not have to go through it again.


Also, we are privy to all life plans and previous lifetimes, so much of what happens during a life is planned and expected.  We do not judge any of you harshly, not only because we love and understand you, but because much of what you do in life is needed in order to learn the lessons your souls have targeted.  Most of you judge yourselves too harshly and spend too much time regretting the past.


Jodie:  What do you like most about human beings on Earth?


Michael: I admire your tenacity and determination to survive and overcome obstacles.  In so many ways, it is easier living in the high realms, because we do not practice the pettiness, competition, fear, etc. that you experience on Earth.  Where we live, everyone is on the same side, working together in harmony.  There is great love here among us, whereas on Earth, emotions can run amuck, and you cannot assume that no one means you harm or wants to work with you.


Also, you are without universal knowledge while on Earth, and most of you never realize your true self or the power you have, so you must rely on the small amount of knowledge and power of which you are aware.  Compared to your soul’s knowledge and power, that which you are aware of and use is minuscule, yet you continue to forge on. 


When your human life is over, you are relieved and happy to return yet nearly everyone chooses to return for another lifetime on Earth, despite the hardships, because you learn and grow so much each time.  We find this awesome. 


Jodie:  How do people find you and ask for your help?


Michael: A simple thought will summon the Angels to your aid.  If it feels more real to ask for us to come to you aloud, that is also fine.  We are aware of you at all times, and we always know when you call us.  If we are not directly aware, your Guides and Guardians call on our attention on your behalf.  This is also true of the Creator, the Ascended Masters, and Mother Mary.


We always address your requests, although there are times when we cannot intervene for a few reasons, such as it not being in your greatest good, interfering with another’s free will, or going against universal law.  That said, if we cannot do what you ask of us, we can still comfort, strengthen, and guide you in many important and effective ways.


We communicate with all of you in various ways.  Sometimes you see, hear or feel us, and sometimes not.  The best way to make contact is to open yourself to it, ask us to join you, and take note of your thoughts and the ideas that occur to you, for it is very likely we are communicating.


Although most people cannot hear or see us, even if we take form, most can feel a loving, supportive presence when we are with you.  Some feel chills or tingles around their head or body.  Trust that it is real and know you are never alone.  We come to you when you call us, but as we are not assigned to particular human beings like Guardians are, you must call on us, and ask for help in order for us to intervene.  We will not intrude without invitation.


Be still and quiet.  When you call us, allow yourself to feel our presence.  We hear your thoughts and words easily, but you may not be able to hear us.  We are still there.


Jodie:  I’ve heard you’re kind of on the serious side.  Is that true?


Michael: (Heavy sigh) You have been talking to Jophiel, no doubt.  I would say it is she who is more on the playful side, as are you, dear friend.  When the two of you get together, there is so much joy, which I share gladly.  On my own, I tend to be more quiet and pensive, as I am constantly seeking new ways to help people.  Neither you nor Jophiel leave me to my own devices for very long, though when we join our minds and ideas, it is productive and joyous.  We work well together and have fun doing so.


So, I would describe myself as serious at times, especially when alone, but I also enjoy fun with friends and you and Jophiel make work and free time more fun, without a doubt.  When we are together, the two of you will not allow me to remain serious and quiet for very long.


Jodie:  How would you describe the Creator?


Michael: There are no words that accurately describe the Creator.  Picture the greatest expanse possible, such as the ocean without anything else in sight except water, and it does not begin to compare to the vastness or greatness of the Creator.  And yet, as awesome as all that power is, it is also loving.  You have said you feel our love when we speak, and even when we are not in direct contact.  You have also experienced the loving presence of Mother Mary and Yeshua.  The Creator is ever more so, and to be in the presence of such loving power is an experience that is perfect, yet indescribable.


All carry a part of the Creator within their heart center, and it never leaves, which is why souls are immortal.  To speak to any of us brings the Creator great joy.  Souls can connect with this presence at any time, as we are all very aware of that connection we share with the Creator and all other living beings, and we can easily find each other individually or in groups.


As only part of each soul dwells within a human body, because the human cannot survive with its entirety of energy, so we all carry part of the Creator’s energy within us. The Archangels pattern ourselves to be similar to the Creator.  Hence, we never lose patience or become angry with humanity, whatever they do.  The Creator loves to work with all creational beings.  When I was created as the first Archangel, the Creator could have dismissed me to create the others, yet I was given time to experience my new life, so I could assist in making myself and my brethren more effective in working with human beings on Earth.


Jodie:  How do you spend your free time, assuming you have free time?


Michael: Without getting into too much depth regarding how time works in the high realms we have time to do everything, including rest, relaxation, and recreation.  We often counsel humans to work on having a balanced life and bringing more joy into it, and we follow that same advice. 


When I rest and relax, I am usually alone, and I like to create my own special place, always in a nature setting.  Sometimes, I include animal souls, as they are as comforting for us, as they are for many humans and are content to be in my company without exchanging any thoughts or ideas, but simply love.


Sometimes, I will visit with different Ascended Masters, not for work reasons but simply to share their wisdom and company.  You also do this and especially enjoy spending time with Yeshua and His mother.


As far as recreation goes, I often visit other worlds and realms with others.  You, Jophiel, and I, along with others, like to travel together.  There are places where the energy is very light and others that are rejuvenating.  It is always a pleasure to spend time with others, as there is a deep love and connection we all gladly share.


Jodie:  That’s about all the questions I have for now, Michael, and I thank you for spending the time to answer them.  Is there anything else you would like to share?


Michael: It was my pleasure, dearest friend.  It was much more like free time than work time, as it is always a pleasure to spend time with you.  I would like to remind all human beings that I and the other Archangels await hearing from you.  Even if you have doubts, please just try to connect with us, and you might be surprised at the results.  Give yourselves permission to simply try it out without expectations, and see what happens.  I am happy to continue offering my protection to you and others.  Abundant blessings to all.

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