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Archangel Jophiel

I have an Archangel set of Tarot cards I try to use each Sunday to give me a glimpse of the following week or guidance for what I need to do.  This is how I first came across the name, Jophiel.  There was an instant feeling of joy attached to the name for me.  I later channeled her for the first time and asked if we had a special bond, since I couldn’t get her off my mind, and I felt a deep connection between us. 


She was delighted I’d called on her and confirmed that we did indeed have a very special friendship and spend a lot of time together in the high realms.  I knew it!  She is so loving and so joyful, you just can’t help but share in her happiness.  As she says, joy is contagious.  Below is our conversation.

Our Conversation

Jodie:  Jophiel, are you there?


Jophiel:  For you, dearest friend, I am always here.  It is wonderful to talk to you.  Following Michael’s format, I shall start with an introductory statement and then answer questions.


I am full of joy to serve and help humanity.  Every time I intervene and bring joy to others is a heartfelt thrill.  My first objective is always to bring more joy to people, and it is a loving task to do so.


I like to have fun, and to me, my work fills that order.  I especially love to watch over and help children, whose first need is always love. Children who are happy and secure are so joyful and such a pleasure with which to work.  I often appear to children before they begin to doubt that Angels are real.


I am not as well known as some of my brethren, but that is fine.  We all answer when called, but those who are called by name answer directly, and since my name is not as well known as some of the others, I often choose who to assist.  It is lovely.


You and I, my dear, have had many adventures together.  We often work together, but we also play and relax together.  We often pull Michael into our shenanigans, even if he grumbles a bit, as well as others.  When we are not working, we are often together.


You always help me understand better what it is like to live a human, physical life.  Whenever you return from an incarnation, we always “sit down” together and you answer all of my questions and share what you have learned and experienced.  I look forward to doing this, but I also am always happy when you return in full.  I am happy to be an Archangel, but you make a human life sound intriguing.  I live through your experiences.  You are always so patient and answer all my questions and those of others.


I am perhaps more sensitive than some of the others.  Like you, when I witness someone in pain or struggling for any reason I take it to heart and want to help.  When I cannot for one reason or another, I find another way to perhaps not solve the problem or change the circumstances, but to bring joy and comfort.  When I see someone being cruel to another, I feel for both them and those they hurt, because I know the soul will struggle with it later on, even if their actions are part of a life plan.  I always make an effort to check in with them after they return to reinforce the good that came from their actions, and there is always good.


You worry that remembering your past lives will make you feel bad if you did something you would not be comfortable doing now, but there is no need.  As an angelic soul, not only do you not incarnate very often, but when you do, it is generally to help with something, as you are now helping with The Shift.  No life is perfect, and there have been regrets, but they have more to do with the growth you attained because of your actions, which helps you to see things in a different light.  You have never been a horrible person, like the ones in your imagination.


Now, what questions do you have for me?


Jodie:  The first time I spoke to you individually, I felt a loving closeness, which was confirmed in our first conversation.  Are you particularly fond of close with certain people?


Jophiel:  Regarding our closeness, we have always spent time together since your creation.  Since you are an angelic soul, it was a natural fit, but beyond that, we have similar personalities and many things in common.  We are both very fond of little children, and we love to watch over them.  I watch over and engage with you often when you are in the infancy stage of a life.  We have a very easy, natural rapport.


It is not that I and the others love certain humans more than others.  We love all of you, but we relate to some more than others, not only when you are incarnated, but in soul form, as well.  It is similar to your explanation of the closeness between you and your Earth mother.  She loved all of her children equally, but the two of you understood and appreciated each other more than the other children, similar to your youngest sister’s closeness with your Earth father.  So it is not a higher level of love we Angels sometimes share with certain people, but more common issues and ideas we share that compliment each other that often lead to spending more time together in the high realms.


Jodie:  You mentioned personalities.  Do Archangels vary a lot in personality?


Jophiel:  Oh, yes, but not in goals and priorities.  When someone calls on the Archangels in general, usually one of us who is especially well-versed in the type of problem or difficulty someone is having answers or begins to evaluate the situation and strategize how to best assist them.  If someone is experiencing depressing thoughts or feels overwhelmed, I often answer and find ways to bring them more joy and guide them in that direction, or I’ll activate happy memories.  There are many things I can do to spot light the good in their life, so that it might overshadow whatever is troubling them.


Jodie:  What about miraculous healings?  Do you ever do those?


Jophiel:  We have done this at times, but it is rare, because if someone suffers from a serious, perhaps terminal illness, it is usually part of the life plan in place, so that they and often people connected to them can learn something important.  We cannot go against the life plan, unless the lesson targeted has already been learned through other experiences, and even then, we would have to ensure that those connected to the person would not be compromised in some way.


Another possibility is that the illness is part of an earlier potential exiting point – every soul has several options to end their time on Earth – but upon evaluation, the soul often declines to leave the lifetime and continues on to the next potential exit point to decide whether or not it is time to end the lifetime.


However, even if a cure is not an option, miraculous or otherwise, there are many things we can do to comfort and ease the person and those connected to him or her.  It is also possible that a miracle is planned for that person as part of the life plan.  That is my favorite situation regarding illness, because miracles often lead to many good things for those involved.


Jodie:  When you say potential exit points, are you saying there are several options to choose from in terms of dying?


Jophiel:  That is correct.  You see and feel life from a human perspective, but death from an angelic or soul’s point of view is very different.  To us, it is a coming home time.  You see, Earth is your temporary home, a place for you to learn and grow.  Your real and original home is in the soul realms where you were created.


I do not mean to sound nonchalant about human death, especially if it involves suffering.  I am not making light of it, but when a human life ends, the soul leaves the physical body and continues to live.  The essence of the person you were does not die with the body.  It goes on and you become so much more, or perhaps I should say you remember that you are so much more.


As souls, you have universal knowledge, plus the knowledge you gained not only from the life that just ended, but from all past lives.  You remember that you are a divine being of light, and you are very powerful and very loved.


Jodie:  Jophiel, I know there is no gender for Archangels, so why are some thought of as male and others as female?


Jophiel:  It is mostly due to the energy attached to our specialty alignments, and it is also due to the perception of humans.  For example, Michael is widely known as a protector, and in human society, that role lends itself to masculinity over femininity.  My specialty is bringing in more joy, which is associated with more feminine energy, and I am usually perceived as female.  It is similar to many people thinking of the Creator as masculine and Gaia, or Mother Earth, as feminine.


So, although we have no gender and despite our masculine and feminine energy being balanced, human perception adjusts based on their interpretation of our energy or the imagery with which they are familiar.


Jodie:  So, are there special relationships among Angels and souls, such as romantic, friendship, family, etc.?


Jophiel:  We are all part of one big relationship via the universal connection we all share with the Creator.  There are no enemies, but neither are there exclusive relationships such as human matrimony.  As far as familial connection, that is also different.  Souls, as you know, plan multiple lives within their soul groups or families or pods, depending on how one thinks of them.  However, just as your mother was also once your daughter, members in your soul group could fill many different roles throughout many different lifetimes.  There is definitely a close bond between soul groups, but it is not as specific as it is on Earth.


There are also times when souls from other groups and origins help each other by being part of the human life experience, so those bonds are often stronger and more familiar. 


In addition to soul groups, there are work groups outside of life planning.  You are affiliated with the Archangels, because we always work together before, during, and after incarnations.  In your case, you spend more time working with us than you do your soul group, so although we do not group and label each other here, as they do on Earth, there are perhaps stronger, more familiar relationships due to groupings by souls and job descriptions, although there is no hierarchy attached to them.


We are all open to working with any soul, and we love all life and are connected to all life, but there are often patterns and habits formed around certain areas.  We do not separate from others as much as we gravitate to some based on our work.  We are Archangels, and you are a human soul, but we all consider each other as part of our group, because we always choose to collaborate, whether you incarnate or not.  We think of you as part of our group, because you always are, but we never refuse to work with any soul, whether we have a collaborative history or not.  We value all equally, although we are more familiar with some more than others. 


There are no romantic relationships here, like there are on Earth, such as married couples, although there are times we spend with others we enjoy spending time with outside of work.  There have been many occasions you and I, you and Michael, and all three of us have chosen to spend together, as we enjoy each other’s company.  It is a close relationship we all share, along with others.  There is no possessiveness or jealousy among anyone here.  We all love each other.  We often spend time in different sized groups and all are welcome, but there are some beings that choose each other more often than others.  It is not romantic in nature, we just enjoy each other’s company, or we enjoy going to the same places or doing the same things.  Bobby’s soul is also a common fixture.  We all enjoy doing many things together.


Jodie:  Do you or the other Archangels ever wish you could incarnate as a human on Earth?


Jophiel:  Not really.  There are some aspects we find fascinating, and we love you all very much, but our place is here, so we can help and support you.  We often have gone to Earth for various reasons, but compared to the high realms, for us, Earth feels very heavy and dense.  We cannot achieve as much on Earth as we do here, although we wish we had a closer relationship with more of you and could have a more physical connection.


You on Earth are a very tactile group, and touching is an important part of who you are and how you show affection.  There have been many times I have wished I could hug humans, but that would be very difficult.  We do often send “energy hugs” and while that are comforting, they are not nearly as well understood and enjoyed as physical hugs on Earth.


The soul enjoys them, but the human, physical body usually does not remember or recognize them.  A human being relies heavily on the human senses, and an exchange of energy does not include these physical senses.


Michael requested that we all were able to appear as physical to people on Earth for this reason.  You hear us very clearly, but many do not, especially if they are not anticipating hearing us.  For many humans, if there is no involvement of the human senses, there is a lack of validity.  There are many more people who doubt your ability to communicate with us than there are who believe and accept it.  This will not always be the case, but for most, it is now.


Most souls prefer the high realms to Earth, as do Angels.  They return to Earth in a physical body many times for learning purposes, and there are many wonderful experiences to enjoy in a physical body, but there are many more limitations, as well.


Jodie:  I suppose there are no language barriers for the Archangels, is that true?


Jophiel:  Angels usually communicate telepathically, whether people see us or not.  We send thoughts to humans, rather than just words.  You “hear” us in whatever way you can best understand us, not only regarding language itself, but how you can best interpret it.


For example, when we communicate with you, you not only hear our thoughts in your native language of English, but our speech and presentation is very open, friendly, spoken as if from a close friend, because you recognize us as such.  Your human self recognized our connection on some level, and we speak on equal terms, just as you speak to your closest friends on Earth.  We are very informal and easy going with you, because we are all used to each other’s company.


Some people we communicate with expect us to use an older type of language and presentation, such as the wording you would find in the King James Bible, so that is how they hear us.  While it is true that some of us enjoy a certain language or presentation more than others, we mostly take our cues from whoever is listening to us.


Some of us are more adaptable than others, also.  We all have similar gifts and abilities, but we often have different interests and preferences, and sometimes, this becomes obvious in how we communicate.


Jodie:  Jophiel, you said you specialize in bringing more joy to people.  That must be very challenging right now, with everything going on in the world.  How do you reach people?


Jophiel:  Joy is everywhere, if you take the time to seek it, so sources of joy are endless.  A welcomed challenge for me is matching an effective, strong source of joy to the people who need it in a way that works for them.


Some people marvel and feel joy in nature.  Plants and animals alike contribute joy.  Others benefit from joyful memories I might trigger.  Some people derive joy by witnessing joy in others, some from music, some from certain activities or people.  The possibilities are endless.


Having said that, if someone closes their mind and heart to experiencing joy, there is little we can do.  A person must be willing to accept joy in order to benefit from it.  You might think everyone wants to be joyful, but sadly, this is not true.  Some people become used to fear or anger or bitterness, or misery, and that is where they choose to stay either out of habit or because that is where they and their energy feel most comfortable. 


I never give up on these people, and sometimes, I am able to sneak some joy in, but they must be willing to hold onto it for it to stay.


Jodie:  Is there any advice you can offer to people who want to be more joyful but don’t know how?


Jophiel:  The first step is to decide you want more joy in your life.  It is much easier for me to help you when you do.  Secondly, you must commit to making joy a priority in your life and be willing to seek it.  If you do these two things, you will find joy, and I will help you. 


Whoever you are, no matter where you are, there is joy all around you. It is in the sunrise and sunset, as well as the night sky.  It is in nature, and you can see it in the faces of children and other people.  You should also know it is in your heart and your soul already.  You only have to reach for it.  Perhaps it is most quickly and easily found in gratitude for the blessings you have received, and we all have blessings.  Before you find and receive love and joy from others, make sure you find love and joy for yourself, for you are very loveable.  Lastly, providing joy for others invariably leads back to joy in you.  Joy is contagious.


Jodie:  Thank you, Jophiel.  I feel your love and joy fully.  If I am in need of more, I’ll come to you.


Jophiel:  And I will be there, dear friend, for you and anyone else who needs me.  Many blessings of joy for all of you.

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