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Archangel Gabriel

When I think of Gabriel, I automatically picture him as the Archangel who brings messages to Earth from God.  I think of the announcement of Yeshua’s birth, when Mary was told she would give birth to a savior, and other appearances described in the Bible.  I don’t know if it was Gabriel specifically, and his reply when I asked him was that it didn’t matter, but that’s what I think.


I call on Gabriel to deliver messages to people on the other side, which he addresses in our conversation below.  On birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding anniversaries, holidays, or just sending messages of how much I miss people who have already crossed over, I always count on Gabriel to deliver the love that I send, and I have no doubt that he does.  


The Archangels, as well as souls, have no gender, but some of them are visualized as male or female by people who know them.  Michael, for instance, is usually depicted as male.  Part of that is because women have traditionally not been considered as important as men in many religions, and part can also be attributed to their specialties and energy.  I was surprised that there seems to be a divide where Gabriel is concerned.  Some people think of Gabriel as feminine and others masculine.


Regardless, what I can tell you with no doubt whatsoever is that Gabriel, like all the Archangels, is very loving and takes the job seriously.


Our Conversation


Jodie:  Gabriel, are you there?


Gabriel:  I am indeed, dear friend.  I am ready with my opening statement.


I am commonly known as the messenger for the Creator, and I am often credited with imparting divine messages in some religions. 


Some of your friends hear me when they are helping others.  When I am giving divine information, I am good at delivering it in a way that resonates and is easy to understand.  This varies greatly from person to person.  I know which “clair” best fits and is strongest in each person, even when they do not know this for themselves.  I excel at devising and informing signs and signals for those who are clairvoyant, rather than clairaudient, as you are, my friend.  


Mediums who communicate with the deceased through clairvoyance often develop a system to better understand what the soul is trying to portray, and I often help with that and inform the soul how they can communicate more clearly and be understood.  I am always looking for ways to get humans to listen to us, as many of you either do not see or hear us, or if you do, you think it is your imagination or coincidence.  


When someone, yourself included, asks me to deliver a message to someone on this side, you can count on me doing that for you, although usually, the soul or Angel or whoever you wish to reach hears you for themselves.  If there is difficulty on either side of communication, I can usually help with clarity.


I take this responsibility very seriously, and it brings me great pleasure to help others improve their communication with other humans, as well as between dimensions.  Now, what questions do you wish to ask?


Jodie:  You said your specialty is communication.  I just wrote an article about the difference between divine guidance and our own thoughts.  Can you please expand on that?


Gabriel:  Yes, of course.  All humans receive divine messages from their Guides and Guardians throughout their lives, though few recognize it as such.  At one time, before The Fall, most people could communicate with their Guides at will to ask for help, and when Guardians reached out with warnings or other information to keep their entrusted human safe, it was recognized for what it was, and people knew where the thoughts came from.


That all changed after The Fall, as 3D energy made it more difficult to connect with higher realms.  We were always able to communicate with humans, but few could communicate with us.  After time passed, two-way communication between realms or dimensions became rare, and most people forgot it was even possible.


There have always been exceptions, and at times, inter-dimensional communication was kept a secret, as it became dangerous for those who were able.  Today, it is not usually dangerous to the communicator in terms of persecution, but it is still not widely believed or accepted.  Imagine what skeptics would think if they knew that they had been receiving messages from other dimensions their entire lives without realizing it!


We have helped inventors, scientists, and people from all walks of life generate ideas and solve questions and problems. Sometimes we provide guidance to help an individual or small groups and other times we guide people who have an opportunity to affect all of mankind with their creations.


We sometimes offer suggestions or solutions to consider, or perhaps we will provide a small missing piece of the puzzle. We do not care about getting credit for the help we provide, but we wish people were a little more aware of us, so they would call on us for help more often.


Jodie:  Gabriel, I know you usually use telepathy to send guidance and messages.  Since we don’t usually know how to do that, it’s not really surprising people don’t recognize it.  With The Shift, however, aren’t more people able to recognize when you speak to them?


Gabriel:  It depends on the person.  For someone like you who is sensitive to energy and strives to keep an open mind, you heard us and recognized almost immediately that the thoughts you heard were not your own.  There was some self-doubt, but that was because you doubted yourself, not us.


However, if a person adamantly refuses to consider the possibility that psychic gifts exist, it takes a lot more convincing before the possibility even occurs to them, or they question “their” thoughts.  You would be amazed at the lengths people will go to in order to convince themselves that what they suspect is impossible.  Either they are afraid, or they are just unwilling to reevaluate what they have always believed.  Some eventually come around, and others refuse the truth they know in their hearts and minds.  They will not even allow themselves to search for more information, because they are afraid of where it could lead.  It takes courage to question what you have always believed and realize that you have been wrong about some things, especially when you have acted on those beliefs in some way.


Jodie:  It does take courage, because you leave your comfort zone.  I have vague impressions of hanging out with the Archangels when I am not incarnated, but I’m hindered by my human senses and knowledge.  To me, hanging out with friends and colleagues involves talking, listening and physical touch.  Can you give us more to go on in terms of interactions between souls, Angels, etc. on your side?  


Gabriel:  I can certainly describe our interactions, but you are correct in that it is hard for you to imagine, because energy, including energetic exchanges has no physical aspect.  I see the images in your mind, and there are beings sitting in chairs and voices being heard and hugging and touch in order to connect, and we do not do that here.


What I can tell you is we all have our own energetic signature which is recognizable at a much deeper level that the human practices of touching, hugging, listening and speaking.  There is no chance that we will confuse one being for another, because energy does not lie or change in a way that would confuse others.  Vibrations can raise and lower a bit from time to time, but never in a way that hinders recognition.


Your impression of sitting around with friends would be very different here.  Picture yourself at a dinner party with your closest friends on Earth.  The doorbell rings and everyone there looks to see who has arrived or listens for their voice.


Where we are, friends get together, and when someone else joins the group, everyone present feels their approach and instantly recognized who has arrived by how their energy feels.  It is beyond vibrational levels, it is a personal signature of energy that cannot be duplicated.  There is nothing to see or hear or touch, but their unique energy signature is felt and recognized.  


If a group of us met in a room on Earth, other than some people feeling a shift in energy if they are sensitive to it, you would not see, hear, or be able to touch any of us, even if we were very active at the time.  Coming from a human perspective, that probably sounds cold or boring, impersonal, but it is not like that in any way.  Energetic interactions are deeper and stronger than physical or sense driven interactions.  There is nothing cold or boring about it.  Quite the contrary, in fact.


We do not hear, we embrace telepathic thoughts and experience them in a much more sincere and understandable way, and we do not have to speak one at a time, taking turns, because we can absorb an entire gathering’s thoughts simultaneously.  It saves time and effort, and there is rarely any lack of understanding or miscommunication.  Also, there is never any dishonesty or subterfuge, as there is on Earth.  No one lies, and we have universal knowledge, so nothing has to be learned or explained.  Building background so something is better understood or more easily grasped is not necessary.  Knowledge and thoughts are also energetic, so it is simply a matter of absorbing the specific energy attached to them.  


Jodie:  So, everyone is an open book?  Your thoughts are instantly available to everyone around you?  


Gabriel:  Not necessarily.  We can choose to block your thoughts and not share them, but why would we?  There is not rivalry or competition here.  No jealousy, anger, or fear.  Usually beings block thoughts, because they are still organizing them in a way that makes sense, not because they have something to hide or because they don’t like someone.  There is love and connection we all share with the creator.


Jodie:  That’s really neat.  Not having to be careful of what you say and who to say it to, and not worrying about how it or you will be received sounds so great.  Are there ever some souls who do not want to work or spend time with certain others?


Gabriel:  Not in the way you mean.  There is no dislike among us here, but like on Earth, we sometimes prefer to work with some more than others, not because we dislike each other or cannot relate or get along, but we tend to work with beings who have similar jobs or interests.  For example, you are an angelic, human soul, and your interests and objectives align very closely with Angels, particularly Archangels.  You do not work with us exclusively, but you usually begin with us and branch out from there.  You have never chosen different Guides for an incarnation, and it is unlikely you ever would.  We have an established collaboration and history that leads to achieving the things most important to us, that being the desire to help humanity, especially while they are living on Earth.


Souls generally work with other souls of the same origin and/or who share common objectives, although everyone can choose to work with whomever they wish.  No one is ever turned away without trying to find a way to help them.  You often make suggestions to different souls on who would be a good addition to their team.


Jodie:  When you say team, do you mean your soul planning group who plans their next lives together, or do you mean the team of Guides and Guardians who work with you while you are incarnated on Earth?


Gabriel:  Both, actually.  While it is true that most have life planning groups they repeatedly work with, there are times when no one in their habitual group is in a position to help reach a particular goal.  You and others often step in with suggestions of others whose goals would help and compliment each other.  


As far as Guides and Guardians go, Guardians tend to stay mostly the same, at least one or two of them.  Guides, for most souls, often change, based on the guidance needed during a particular lifetime.  They not only often change with each lifetime, but they come and go throughout each lifetime, again based on what kind of guidance is needed.


You and many angelic souls are exceptions, because your purpose in every lifetime centers on helping others, especially in times of strife, so your goals and our goals are always aligned.  In your case, you always work with the Archangels, and you add to that team as needed.  We are constantly with you, and other Guides of various origins come and go as needed.


Jodie:  Gabriel, I have sometimes asked you to deliver messages for me.  For example, on Mother’s Day, I always ask you to give my love and thanks to my Earth mother and to Yeshua’s mother.  I know you do, but how do you go about doing it?


Gabriel:  That is a great question, because it further explains energetic exchanges.  Your mothers are very aware of you, so they know when you send them messages already.  What I can add to those messages is the energy attached to them, so when they hear the words delivered, they also feel your emotions attached to them.  It is a kind of energetic hug that is treasured.


Jodie:  You mentioned that you help people find the right words when they speak to others who they are trying to help.  I know a couple of people who just know exactly what to say to someone who needs help, even if they don’t know them very well.  The words just come.  How does that work?


Gabriel:  Depending on the person, I go about it in different ways.  It is the deepest of honors when a person realizes they have this gift, even if they have not identified it as me or another Archangel, and they invite and request our help in finding the right words to use.  It is humbling to receive such trust and faith in us.


Others may not know it, but they planned for this kind of intervention in their life plan.  They do not understand what is happening sometimes, but most realize that their words come from a source other than themselves.  Depending on their beliefs, they may be afraid when the words come out of them without thought, but over time, most see the good that comes from it and are glad for it.  If they are sensitive to energy, they feel our love for them, and they are unafraid.


Jodie:  Gabriel, you’ve explained to me that we have always had an established connection, even though I didn’t know it until much later in my life.  Are there a lot of people who come to Earth already connected to the Archangels?


Gabriel:  Allow me to clarify something.  Virtually everyone on Earth has the capability to communicate with us.  We hear all of you, but most cannot hear us without some training and effort on their parts.  Although interdimensional communication is possible, a common frequency must usually be found.  Angels and high Guides can help people find this frequency, then it is a matter of fine turning, much like finding a particular radio station.  The more you practice and experiment, the clearer the connection becomes.


Of course, you must be open to it.  It is never forced upon you, and you must believe it is possible to connect.  In addition, you must be calm, patient, and reach out.  When someone is upset or stressed out, it lowers their vibrational frequency, thereby making it ever harder to connect with a higher vibrational dimension.  The realms and dimensions of souls, Angels, Guides, etc. are all at a substantially higher vibration, and if your own vibration is lower, it can block a connection.


There are those who come already connected to their Guides, due to their life plan, but that is no guarantee that they will realize it and use it.  There are strategies within the life plan that lead them in that direction, but if a human’s free will rejects that connection, it will not open.  For these people, they receive a lot of messages from their Guides, but they do not necessarily recognize the thoughts as not being their own.  They still receive the guidance, but a two-way connection may never be realized. 


Souls from other origins than Earth – you call them ET souls – often incarnate on Earth already connected to other soul family members and receive guidance.  Again, they may or may not realize the guidance is from another source, although some do.  These souls usually come in order to help Earth and mankind evolve, and they often feel out of place on Earth, never understanding why, that Earth is not their original home for reincarnation.  There are many times when a time is predesignated for their Guides to make contact.  The human being still has the option to close communication, but often, once contact is made, it continues.


Lastly, there are angelic souls such as yourself who come prewired, so to speak, to communicate with the Archangels.  I “smile” as I remember you feeling a bit disappointed to find out that it was not just your efforts that connected us.  Be assured, your work on raising your vibration and experimenting and studying the manipulation of energy, along with investigating psychic gifts played a significant role.  Just because you were always intended to open a two-way connection with us is in no way cheating, as you considered it initially.  Yes, it was part of your life plan, but like everyone else, you could have denied it or blocked it, but you chose not to do that.  Instead you welcomed and embraced us.  On some level, you recognized us and our energy, even though you do not have clear memories of our time together.  We are grateful.


Jodie:  Gabriel, what can people do to open a two-way communication with the Archangels?


Gabriel:  Part of this is based on the gifts and individuality of the person.  You are strongest in clairaudience, and once you realized this, it made it easier for you to hear and recognize us.  Some are clairvoyant or clairsentient or claircognizant.  Every soul chooses the gifts they will have on Earth, and it is very helpful if you can identify and work with them. 


However, there are some generalizations I can speak to regarding how to make connecting with us easier.  Before you work on communicating with us, first know yourself.  Become adept at reading your own emotions, identifying their sources, allowing yourself to feel them, then releasing them when they do not serve you well.  If you seek us, we will find you, see you, hear you, and know you, but if you do not have inner peace, it is unlikely you will seek, hear, or know us clearly.


Also, if you seek us with a loving, open heart, it is much easier for us to reach you.  That is not to say that you should not seek us in times of trouble, for you should.  Again, we always hear, see, and know you, whether you are aware of our presence or not.  Know that we will only act for your greatest good.  Believe it or not, we sometimes know what is best for you more clearly and definitely than you do, because we know the whole of you, body and soul.  We are not only aware of this lifetime, we know you from all of your lifetimes.  We know your life plan, and what your soul has targeted to learn and experience.  


Most importantly, we know what you are capable of, and your gifts and potential in ways most human being do not know.  You are more powerful than you know.  You are more loving than you know.  And you are more connected to us, the Creator, other dimensions, and each other more than most of you ever realize while on Earth.


Jodie:  Thank you, Gabriel, for helping us in so many ways, including but not limited to your communication skills.


Gabriel:  You are all most welcome.  We will speak again, I’m sure.   

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