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Archangel Chamuel

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When it was time to conduct another one-on-one interview with the Archangels, to guide me on which one to speak to next, I picked a card from my Archangel Tarot cards, and it was Chamuel, who I wasn’t familiar with on a personal basis up to that point. I didn’t know much about “him,” but I was happy to get to know “him” better.


To me, he feels more like masculine energy than feminine. It didn’t take long for him to make an impression. He is both fun and funny, a real character. He jokes around a lot, and he’s clever and a lot of fun to talk to. He has a very strong personality and presence. It was a lot of fun getting to know him better. I tend to find nicknames for the Angels when I speak to them individually. Sometimes, it’s a derivative of their name, such as Mikey for Michael (he rolls his proverbial eyes at this) and Jophie for Jophiel (she likes it). For Chamuel, I picked Champ, which he found amusing and appropriate!

Our Conversation


Jodie:  Chamuel, are you there?


Chamuel:  Yes, of course, dear friend.  I will always come to you when you call me.  I am happy it is my turn to spend time with you, one-on-one, and I have prepared my opening statement, although that sounds a bit stuffy, don’t you think?


So, I come to you in joy and delighted anticipation for our visit.  We are friends, you and I, and we have spent many fun times together.  We like exploring different worlds together and do so as often as we can.  We have several favorite spots we revisit again and again, often to relax and escape busy times when we need a break.  Many of us travel together to various places for discovery and recreational purposes.


As the others have explained, we all have our specialties, and one of mine is helping people overcome limits others and they themselves have placed on them.  I love to help people face their fears and overcome them, stretch and explore new thigs, and push themselves to reach higher and higher points in their potential.  It is my pleasure and honor to do this.


My message to all of humanity is that you are so much more powerful and capable than you believe yourself to be.  For so long, you have been subdued and convinced that you are lacking in so many ways.  I wish you to know that you are not lacking at all!  It may take time and effort to discover all your gifts and your power, but it is there, and it is already in your possession.  You only need to find it and learn how to use it.  I can help you do that!  I want to help you do that!  The first and most crucial step is to believe in yourself and know you are worthy, valuable, powerful, and loved greatly.


Most do not realize that they have the power and gifts to design their own life in a way that is joyous and fulfilling.  Life does not have to be a drudgery, nor should it be.  You are not guaranteed an easy, trouble free life, but you are given everything you need to navigate life in such a way that it feels rewarding and exciting.  Your gifts and abilities go far beyond what you currently realize.  Nothing is beyond your reach if you are willing to put forth the effort to reach it. 


You are encouraged and conditioned to doubt yourself and to embrace fear and expect failure.  You are taught to stay within the boundaries others have marked for you.  This is what you know ad where your comfort zone lies.  I say to toss out and forget your boundaries, limits, and even your comfort zone.  If you are comfortable, you are not growing.  I do not say you must be in a mode of evolution all the time, but I will caution you to not enjoy the comfort zone for too long, either.  Balance your life and take turns between growing, changing, and challenging yourself and relaxing, rejuvenating, and resting on your laurels.  Your life should be equal parts of both.  I am often the one who places challenges in your path, but I do not leave them for you and make a quick exit.  No, I leave these challenges and guide you to face and conquer them, and once you do, I celebrate with you!  I sing your praises to all who listen, shouting your accomplishments from the four corners, and all will know the new levels of amazing you will reach.  


How is that for an opening statement, my friend?  It was not so stuffy after all, was it?


Jodie:  Not stuffy at all, Chamuel!  I can feel your devotion and determination to help us.  You’re awesome!  You mentioned throwing away boundaries, but aren’t some boundaries needed?


Chamuel:  Indeed, they are, however, the boundaries I bid you to toss out are the ones which have been placed on you by others.  Let us speak further of this.


Boundaries are helpful and needed, but they should make sense, be in your best interests, and agreed upon.  I am not referring to societal legalities.  Laws, assuming they are for the benefit of all those who must follow them, are necessary, as are the penalties for not obeying them, although most of the laws in place, at least those which are protective in nature, would likely be followed by most people naturally, as most do not wish to harm others.  For example, if laws forbidding the murder of innocent people were not in place, most people still would not go around killing people for no reason.  So, I do not suggest that society should not hold its people to certain standards of law.


Also, it is most important to be well acquainted with your personal limits, strengths, and weaknesses, so you you may set your own boundaries which people should honor and observe.  For example, if you find public speaking difficult and uncomfortable, you are perfectly within your rights to reject such assignments or requests to do so.  However, using the same example, if you have something you wish to share or say and you decide to do so, you should set aside that boundary you placed on yourself and do so, and you should not hold back because someone else tells you that you should not share it or that nobody wishes to hear it.  Do you the difference.  You should decide for yourself what you can and cannot do when it comes to opportunities, decisions, and agendas.


The boundaries I advocate against are those placed on you without your consent or agreement.  Many people have worked hard to convince you that you are not smart enough, good enough, powerful or brave enough to get involved in certain things, and that your concerns are invalid or unimportant.  There are those who do not want involvement from others when it coes to decision making, and they do everything I their power to silence you and restrict you.  These are the boundaries I would like to see more people reject.


Currently, there are many places where the law of the land does not reflect the wants and needs of the people.  This should not be and is unacceptable, and the only way things will change is for the masses to unite and demand that changes be made.  This can be done peacefully.


Jodie:  I understand what you are saying.  We should not tolerate being controlled, right?


Chamuel:  Yes, that is correct.  Neither should you participate in trying to control or restrict others when it coes to making personal choices.  Most importantly, you should ensure that everyone has the right to ake their own personal choices, whether you agree with their ways or not.  In short, you should e able to create your own life in a way that fulfills you, and you should allow others to do the same.  I am speaking about the choices you make for yourself that do not adversely affect others. You should never allow anyone to take away your power to do so or believe you are unimportant or should not be able to make your own way through life in your own way that pleases you.  No one else should take away your choices, your beliefs, or your voice.


Jodie:  There are a lot of people who are trying to do just that.  How should we respond to those who take offense at personal choices and say their rights are being violated when others are allowed to make choices that offend them?  For example, a man stated recently that when gay people are allowed to marry and live openly, his grandchildren’s and his rights and sensibilities are affected adversely, because that is not their way and doesn’t concur with their beliefs.


Chamuel:  There are many different belief systems, and people should be allowed to choose their own.  However, being offended or disagreeing with another’s beliefs does not mean someone has the right to erase or prevent differing people or their beliefs.  People should be free to accept or reject any belief they are aware of.  Be offended.  Disagree.  Do not adopt those ways.  However, everyone must grow to accept that does not mean it is acceptable to prevent others from practicing those things.


Just because you cannot accept certain practices does not mean you can or should erase them.  They exist, and they will continue to exist.  You may choose not to participating simply because you find it offensive.  Stay away from it if you can, but do not expect others to base their choices on your sensibilities.  Nobody should be in a position of denying anyone else to choose for themselves.  If rules and laws are based on personal opinions, there can never be equality, because someone will have to decide whose opinions matter more, and there is no equality possible.


People such as the man you mentioned, who think others should be governed based on their own set of beliefs are not supportive of equality.  They believe in entitlement, instead.  This, fortunately, does not represent the majority of people, but even so few cannot be overruled without unity among those who desire equality over entitlement.  This is what has led to the polarity in the world, as the masses begin to unite so that equality overtakes entitlement.  This will lead to more conflict for some time, until the outcome reflects the wants of the masses, rather than the few who have been in power.  


Jodie:  How can we best navigate this transition?


Chamuel:  To begin with, you must seek and find your power, believe that you and your opinions matter as much as anyone else’s, while remembering they do not matter more than anoyone else’s.  This is a balance.  If you promote equality, you must also represent it and feel equal, rather than superior or inferior to others.


Next, seek other like-minded people.  Then,, do your part for unity.  Add your gifts, whatever they are, to a cause you have chosen.  Finally, go forward to advance that cause led by compassion.  Remember that those who oppose your views do not have to be considered your enemies.  Remember that they are your equals and not inferior, no matter how difficult they are and act.  You do not have to interact in their way, if you do not like the way they interact.  You can disagree calmly, without malice, even when they cannot.  You do not have to compromise yoru beliefs.  Indeed, you do not have to interact with abusive people at all.  You can promote and further your cause without the anger, fear, and persecution others display.


Show them a better way, even if they are not ready to adopt it.  Meet their anger with compassion.


Jodie:  That is so much easier said than done.  For myself, I try to avoid confrontation when I can.  I don’t want to argue or try to convince people.  Then, I wonder if that’s self-serving or selfish on my part.


Chamuel:  It is not self-serving, but self-preserving.  It is foolish to put yourself into any situation which you know will be uncomfortable or that you know is a threat to your peace of mind.  Find another way to get involved.  Leave the confrontation aspects to those who are better able to handle them.  Again, it is important to know your strengths, weakness, and gifts, and to set your own boundaries, rather than to adhere to someone else’s.


It is what we mean when we say to remain in your sovereignty.  Know and stand in your power.  When you learn to do that, challenges and challengers to your peace of mind will have little impact on you and your choices and actions.


Jodie:  We often hear about our inner power.  How do we go about finding it?


Chamuel:  This requires spending time with yourself and finding the courage to ask questions about yourself, your life, your beliefs, and really getting to know and be comfortable with yourself.  This is when you must learn to distinguish between the boundaries you choose for yourself and those being imposed upon you.  


What makes this difficult is that it often involves relationships with others and can affect them, sometimes in negative ways.  For example, if you are surrounded by people who have similar beliefs and habits and begin to question things you have always agreed with or at least gone along with in the past, it upsets wheat can be already precarious balances.


We see this happening more and more as the Shift progresses.  It is getting harder to silence your own voices and what is and is not meaningful and valid for you.  More and more people are awakening to the 5D energy, and they are changing.  As everyone does this on their own timeline, this can lead to a sense of disconnection within previous relationships, and most people find this upsetting, understandably.  You cannot stand in your power if you are not true to yourself, and if you are not true to yourself, it is nearly impossible to find and keep peace of mind.


Some relationships recover, some end, and some find a new balance with which each side can become comfortable.  Keep in mind that if a relationship cannot navigate these changes you are undergoing now, it does not mean you will never find common ground again, and if you do not the absence of a previous relationship that no longer serves you well can make room for a new relationship that does.


Jodie:  Is it fair to say that, while The Shift is overall a good thing it also comes with a negative side?


Chamuel:  I believe it is more accurate to say that it is a very good thing, but it comes with difficulties and obstacles that must be overcome.  While overcoming these things is challenging, it is necessary and paves the way to a much better world.  Change is always difficult and often upsetting.  It requires us to leave a learned and known place, even if it is not satisfying, and it leads us to the unknown.  Until this new position becomes understood and comfortable, people feel unsure and sometimes a bit lost, but remember that is temporary.  You will find your way through, just as you have always done when starting a new job or moving to a new place, and eventually, you will feel more confident.  During this process, you will grow and evolve in many ways and become better.  The Shift is this kind of journey.


Jodie:  When will we know the worst part is over, and things will become better for sure?


Chamuel:  These feelings will come and go, because energies will fluctuate, as they always do, and while at times change will come quickly, other ties, things will slow down.


Consider, also, that we are speaking of both individual and collective consciousness on the rise.  It is a process, dear friends.  It is not as if a switch turns on and steady progress follows.  Think about a tie you were healing, especially emotionally.  One usually has good days and bad days.  This can also be said of physical healing in many cases.  There may be several days when you make steady progress.  Then, you may experience a setback of some kind.  Progress slows down and possibly even regresses for a bit, but eventually, if you put in the time and effort to get stronger and healthier, you eventually continue to progress.


Remember, also, that while many of you are beginning to work on solutions and make changes, there are those who will continue to fight you the whole way.  They are manipulated, misguided, and fearful of change, or they know they are losing power and control and are desperate to hold onto it.  


Consider, also, that more and more people awaken all the time, but everyone is on their own timetable, not to mention many do not understand why they feel different or what is going on.  If you are reading this, chances are you are feeling these changes and differences, but many are still unaware of the circumstances and feel lost.


I can tell you that it is not likely progress will completely stop or reverse, however that in no way means it will ever be smooth sailing for long stretches of time.  You will have your ups and downs, frustrations and celebrations.  As we have said so many times, it is crucial to practice self-care during these times, so you can weather the ups and downs.  And do not underestimate the importance of maintaining your vibration at a high level.  Do not engage with perceived enemies, lest you add strength to them and their causes.  Hone your compassion and remember that even the most difficult people to deal with, including those who fight progress, are still serving a higher purpose and are part of humanity and therefore included in the universal connection we all share with The Creator.  Because of this, they are deserving of your compassion whenever possible.


Jodie:  There are bound to be those who never come around to the 5D way of life.  What will happen to them, and how should we treat them?


Chamuel:  As much as you can, treat them with compassion.  Having said that, compassion will not always be enough to save them from themselves.  You will not have to isolate them, as they will isolate themselves.  The only people who will be able to stand regular interactions with them will be those like them.  They will be avoided and ostracized by the majority, because they will continue to close their minds and hold onto their unreasonable beliefs and ideas at all cost.  


It is not your responsibility to take care of them, other than to ensure they have what they need to survive in terms of the basics.  Even helping them and ensuring their safety will not likely be well-received.  Some may awaken at some point, but there are some who will spend the rest of their lives bitter and hateful.  If it is any consolation, when their human lives end, and they return to the soul realms, they will understand, accept, and heal.


Jodie:  One more question, my friend.  Once the Earth has reached a place that embraces the 5D, will you still stay with us, guide us, and help us?


Chamuel:  We absolutely will!  You have only to call on us at any time, and we will hear you and come to you. We will never be far away and we will be then be felt by your through our universal connection.  We are entirely devoted to you, now and forever.  Believe this, please.


Jodie. Thank you, Chamuel.  You have given us a lot to think about.  I look forward to speaking to you again in the future.  You are fun, helpful, and so loving, and we thank you with much love.


Chamuel:  I always look forward to hearing from you and any and all humans.  I send you all much Love and Light.

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