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Archangel Ariel

I didn’t feel particularly close with Ariel before I started interviewing her, but once I started, her warmth and love touched me deeply, and she began to feel more familiar.  She opened by greeting me as “dearest friend,” and I immediately knew it was true.  All of the Archangels are extremely loving, but as I usually channel them as a group, I don’t always feel individual energy until I speak to them alone.  Such was the case with Ariel, but she quickly became a friend, and I found her fascinating.  I didn’t know she specialized in helping people believe in themselves and reach their potential, until she told me.  She was so easy to speak to, and her love for all of humanity became apparent very quickly.


Jodie:  Ariel, are you there?


Ariel:  I am here, dearest friend, and I am happy to speak to you.  Following the procedure, I have an opening statement, and I thank you for spending this time with me.  


As the others have mentioned before me, while we share equal and similar gifts, we do have specializations.  Mine is assisting people to believe and trust in themselves, to have self-confidence, and a positive self-image.  In short, I love to help people on their paths to self-discovery, showing them how truly remarkable they are.  It is my pleasure to help people love and care about themselves.


This is often challenging, because in order to embrace yourself, you must see yourself clearly and truly.  I help people to realize their gifts and talents, appreciate their strengths, and overcome their weaknesses.  It is a worthy and beautiful mission to assist people with coming into their own power and reaching their great potential.


In order to do this, I must first help a person see their greatness, and for that to happen, I must guide them to disregard what they have been taught and conditioned to believe in so many cases.  Not everyone is ready to do that, but when they are, I am very happy to guide them.  They must learn to become their own heroes.


Many people either want to be like someone else, or they assume they will never have the power and potential to be equal to the people they admire most.  Everyone is great and powerful if they choose to be.  All human beings have vast potential to become great in their own right, yet few realize this.  It is my great pleasure to guide them toward self-discovery and realization.  


Jodie:  Ariel, I’ve always had a lot of self-confidence and don’t often doubt myself.  Some people are the opposite and rarely believe they are up to whatever task they face, even when they are raised in the same family.  What makes the difference in confidence?


Ariel:  There are many reasons for this.  In your case, self-confidence was an important part of your life plan, one of your gifts, because your soul knew you would need it for many parts of your life, including you finding your current purpose in this life.  Although you have felt uncomfortable at times, you continue to advocate for us and share our messages.  That requires a great deal of self-confidence as well as courage and character.  Although there are many who recognize that you are genuine and legitimate, there are very few who understand you, especially those who you love the most.  You are very patient and understanding of this, but we know it is difficult at times and occasionally causes you angst, yet you continue to “do your job.”  You see it as being true to yourself, but is it also being true to us, your soul, and the general universe.  It takes a lot of strength to do what you do.


The degree of self-confidence someone feels often has to do with the life plan in place and the gifts and talents chosen for this life.  Sometimes a person is born with confidence, and other times they must learn it.  Some are never meant to be confident in terms of the life plan due to the lessons being targeted.  Having said that, every person has the ability to achieve greatness in many different forms, sometimes tied to the life’s purpose, and other times a product of growth and evolution gained during a lifetime.  


As you know, the soul plans a life, but the human’s free will can overrule the plan.  What many people have a difficult time understanding is, the human is every bit as powerful as its soul, because the two are actually one.  Although the soul chooses the lessons and paths it wishes to follow, although the human does not remember or know everything the soul does as it lives a life, he or she still has that knowledge and can learn to access it.  You will see many more people doing this in the next years.  


The first way to access this knowledge is to merge with your soul, however the soul often limits the access given to specific information for various reasons.  Still, as the human grows spiritually with and through the soul, more and more knowledge and power become available.  What humans do not often realize is that they are at the mercy of no being, human or otherwise, at least when they learn to access their power.  


It is not a matter of being granted permission or access to your power and light, it is more the realization that it exists, and it is part of you.  No one needs to give it to you, as it is already yours.  You are already eternal.  You are already psychic.  You are already powerful.  You are already capable of accomplishing virtually anything you wish.  It is who and what you are.  


Jodie:  I understand that on some level, but there are some limits and barriers we deal with on Earth that seem insurmountable in some cases.  Circumstances, situations, society, and the restrictions attached to them are real.  


Ariel:  Are they, though?  I will tell you that it is not circumstances, situations, or society that keep people from realizing their greatness and potential.  Rather, it is their own mind and beliefs that are most restrictive.


I hear your thoughts, dearest, and I understand them, yet I will tell you that none of the many scenarios going through your mind are insurmountable, except in your own mind.  Let us explore this further, shall we?


Consider for a moment what you have believed for most of your life, that if someone else can do something, you can, too.  It is part of your self-confidence and why you are not easily intimidated.  It is why you nearly always reach your goals, because you believe you can.  You believe you can, because you consider yourself an equal to others.


Let us take this a step further.  Most people have believed many things to be impossible, only to be proven wrong.  You have experienced first-hand some things others still consider impossible.  Yet, they are not impossible for you.  Many believe it is impossible to converse with Archangels, is that not true?  And yet, this is a reality for you, because you opened you mind to the possibility at some point.  The same can be said for Reiki healing energy.  Many believe it is impossible to affect someone else’s physical or mental health who is far away, simply by setting an intention and harnessing and directing energy, yet you have done this, not just because you were taught, but more importantly, you believed it was possible.


It matters not one bit whether or not you can produce the proof to satisfy those who do not believe these things are possible.  What matters and what makes it factual is that you believe it, and you experienced it.  You have all the proof you need whether it counts as valid or not to others, and others have verified this many times to the point there is no room for doubt.


I tell you dearest, you were always capable of these things, you just did not know or believe it.  Once you opened your mind to the possibility, the impossible was proven possible and doable.  Science is a wonderful path to knowledge, and it is a more acceptable path for many than spirituality and energy.  Years ago, people thought it was impossible for people to fly across the planet in airplanes, yet science eventually disproved that and it became possible and doable.  However, before it became a reality, someone had to believe it was possible.  It is the same for everything currently believed to be impossible.


Many people realize that science is incomplete.  It continues to evolve, and new discoveries are made all the time.  What most people do not realize is that there are other paths to discovery and making the impossible possible that are faster and more effective than scientific methods.  There is nothing that is truly impossible.  The way to overcome the impossible is to believe it is possible.


Jodie:  Can you expand on these other methods other than science, please?


Ariel:  Absolutely.  Let us discuss something that science is partially informed about, but the existing knowledge is but a drop in the bucket in the big picture.  Let us talk a bit about energy, shall we?  Science knows about many kinds of energy, such as electricity, solar, wind, nuclear, hydroelectric, and others, yet there are many kinds of energy yet to be proven or discovered.  The amount of knowledge science has regarding energy is a tiny thimbleful compared to what has yet to be discovered, much less harnessed.  


Earth energy is one of the most powerful energies currently available, and your science has been able to harness it in some respects by using the Earth’s natural resources, but there is so much more to it that has not even been considered, much less explored.  


I mentioned Reiki before, because you are a practitioner.  Reiki is one label given to healing energy, which is as real as electricity, yet few have learned to harness it.  As much as you and others have learned about it, you are only beginning to see the potential.  Healing energy is more profoundly powerful than any medicine ever discovered.  It is not as simple or as complicated, depending on one’s point of view, as taking a pill or surgery, but it has the potential to overcome any health issue or disease that exists.  Because most have not discovered how to harness it to the degree needed to cure existing illnesses in many cases, the scientifically minded believe it is impossible and does not exist.  Yet, there are what some describe as miraculous, unexplainable healings on Earth, which scientists cannot explain.  When this happens, people are faced with an example of the impossible becoming possible, and I will tell you, healing energy is as real and certainly more powerful than any energy currently recognized on Earth.  


It is not for me to explain it fully or hand it over for everyday use, but that does not mean it is not possible to heal every disease.  Even if I could explain it, humanity does not have the ability to grasp it, much less use it in most cases at this time.  You are not ready.  It is not that we withhold it from you, it is that most are not ready for it.  Still, it is real.  It exists.  Some of you have breached it, such as energy healers, but there is still much more to learn and for those who believe, it is impossible, it remains so for them.


Jodie:  When you say we are not ready, do you mean mentally or physically?


Ariel:  Most of humanity is not spiritually ready for psychic gifts, and there is a psychic piece to healing energy, as well as Earth energy – for instance, channeling it – as you know.  In order to channel any energy or being, there must be some kind of belief in things that exist beyond what can be experienced through the regular human senses.  Also, the ego must step aside to some extent for a person to consider possibilities beyond their knowledge and even their ability to grasp.  For those who live with the belief that what they know in terms of their world is as far as things go, it is nearly impossible to discover things beyond their understanding.  It is the same for those who rely on proof in order to believe or accept something.  People like this are often not open minded enough to see possibilities.


There is also a physical factor here.  The amount of energy needed to be channeled in order to cure or heal someone facing human death can be more than most people can physically process.  The miraculous healings I mentioned are almost always done by non-human beings who are better equipped to handle that amount of energy, such as Angels or souls who are not incarnated.  The human body in most cases cannot channel that kind of energy alone.


Jodie:  Is it likely human beings will ever be able to harness that kind of energy?


Ariel:  There are exceptions, but even so, it can lead to harsh results for the channel.  It is possible – remember that everything is – that technology could play a part in harnessing and applying healing energy, just as it does other energies currently in use.  Before electricity was harnessed, firelight was used, with most people believing something like electricity, flipping a switch for light, was impossible.


Many of your scientists believe the Earth is damaged beyond healing, because they do not currently have the technology or knowledge needed to help, but it exists in other worlds, and it could exist on Earth, either through others sharing it or through discovery.  There is nothing beyond repair.  What most scientists do not consider is that the Earth is also healing herself.  They recognize that nature is living, yet most do not consider it as a living being, as Gaia, who thinks and acts intelligently and on her own.  So, they do not attempt to work with her, only for or against her, not recognizing her intelligence or autonomy.  How many among you consciously communicate with the Earth or even exchange energy with her?  Very few, and so the scientific view of methodology will only carry so far.


Jodie:  What are some good ways to increase psychic gifts and experience more of them?


Ariel:  First, may I say it is very nice to see you embracing these possible changes and enhancements coming your way?  You are pushing and overcoming the limits you believed were in place.  Here is what you and others need to know.  If you access one psychic gift, you can access others.  If you are mostly using one “clair”, you can branch out and learn to use them all.  The more you learn, the easier it is to learn more.


You are strongest in clairaudience at this time, but you can become equally strong in the other areas as well with practice and intention.  Clairaudience is what you are used to and comfortable with, so you rely on it heavily.  Understandable, but limiting.  Start setting intentions that involve the other clairs at times, and you will increase those skills, too.


You began with channeling Reiki, and now you channel us.  You are beginning to expand to channeling other high Guides, and that is wonderful.  If you can channel Reiki, Angels, and Guides, you can channel the earthly dead, other souls, others worlds, the Earth, the universe, and who you relate to as God.  This is true for everyone.  What I wish you to know is, you can do more when you believe you can.  You are only now realizing, after thinking for these past few years that you are clairaudient, not clairvoyant, that you can add clairvoyance, the other clairs, different kinds of channeling, and all manner of other gifts to your “resume,” so to speak, if you choose.  Everyone can. 


Too often, people are so shocked they have one psychic gift, they do not consider that they have more, especially since so few humans have accessed them.  People such as you, who have accessed channeling the Archangels, often do not reach for more, because they are already doing more than most others.  However, there is no reason to stop with one gift, if you wish to experience more.


Jodie:  What you say makes sense.  If you don’t know what you’re capable of, it doesn’t occur to you to explore new things, especially when those things are not usually done.  Now that Earth is in 5D, will kids born in the fifth dimension be more psychic?  Will psychic gifts become more of the norm?


Ariel:  Children have always been more psychically active than their adult counterparts, because they have not been taught that to be psychic is an untruth or abnormality or unacceptable or something to be afraid or and from which to steer away.  One of the things human beings have been conditioned to believe is that it is important to blend in, and standing out is not a good thing.  This is so very against your true nature.  


Your souls chose unique gifts, talents, and traits carefully for this lifetime, so you would be prepared to meet your goals and fulfill your purpose.  Your purpose is as unique as you are, so it requires unique preparation and abilities.  None of you were designed to blend in.  If you were, you would all be the same, but you are all unique.  It is an absurdity to us in the high realms that blending in is considered a guideline that people embrace.


This is a reflection of the isolation and survival priorities from 3D.  It is tied into the lack of tolerance and acceptance on Earth, so prevalent in the past, and the need and desire to be accepted, knowing that not everyone is.  At some point – and we are already seeing this begin to happen – acceptance of everyone and valuing of diversity will overcome this desire to fit in and be like everyone else.  Eventually, everyone will accept others as they are and stop being so judgmental.  We look forward to those days as much as you do, believe me.


Getting back to the original questions, yes, more children will have psychic gifts and when they know it is safe to be different from others, they will hold on to them and use and strengthen them, instead of hiding and burying them, which is so common today.  As more adults awaken and become more open-minded, they are also more likely to be supportive of their children and any previously described “weirdness, oddities, or quirks” their children might display.


Jodie:  Is there anything we can do to speed up this idea of acceptance and value of diversity? 


Ariel:  The best thing to do to speed things up is to focus on your own acceptance of others and open your own heart and mind to diversity.  As more people work on their own attitudes regarding these things, it will affect others’ attitudes.  Be aware of your thoughts and catch yourself when you think someone is “weird.”  Change the word “weird” to different and follow that thought with another thought, such as “different” doesn’t mean bad, wrong, less, or weird.”  Being different can be a very good thing.


We have often shared our thoughts about religion, stating that any religion is good if it inspires people to live a life of loving kindness toward others.  A major problem with some religions is the foundation of favoritism toward some and condemnation toward others, if they are different.  There cannot be peace and harmony on Earth until judgement and condemnation are replaced with acceptance and the belief that all are connected and are equally loved and valued.  


There is no favoritism or condemnation in the high realms, and if people wish to make the proverbial Heaven on Earth, this must be the foundation.  Judgment and condemnation on Earth must end if world peace and harmony are to ever become realities.  How long that takes is dependent on each individual, which is why we suggest working on yourself first.  As individuals’ consciousness rises, so too will the collective consciousness.  Why?  Because we are all connected and come from the same loving source.


Jodie:  Ariel, I know you’re right, but sometimes it seems as though that is such a tall order, and some people will never change their ways or beliefs.


Ariel:  You are correct on both counts.  It is a tall order, and some people will never change in this lifetime, but more will. Look at the sharp decline in religious affiliations and traditional religion as a whole.  It is not that we wish to see the end of all religion.  What we wish to end is the belief that one is right and the others are wrong, that one leads to reward, and the others to punishment.  If a person believes their religion is the best for them, there is no harm, but if they believe it is the best for everyone or that all other religions should be limited while theirs is favored and promoted, there is great harm.


The idea that any one group is better than another eventually leads to some kind of persecution.  That is why acceptance and the embracing of diversity is so very important.  Take pride and be comfortable with your choices, but be willing to respect the choices of others just as much.


Jodie:  Ariel, I have so enjoyed this time together.  Thank you for spending it with me and providing so many fascinating ideas for us to consider.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know you better, and I feel as though I’ve made a new friend.


Ariel:  The pleasure has been mine, dearest, and we are old friends, even though you have no memory of all the great times we have shared together.  It is the energy of the Love we share that makes you feel so joyous, as it does me.  I look forward to more visits and good times in the future.

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